Permanent Marker Strain


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Cannabis lovers enjoy permanent marker  strain because of its varied flavor profile, which combines earthy, citrusy, and spicy undertones. Leafly Strain of the Year was won by Permanent Marker in 2023, a testament to its great quality and general praise.

Type of Strain:    Hybrid Indica-Dominant

THC Content:     28–34%

Type of Flower:   Hybrid Indica strains

Effects:    Stress relief, Deep sense of relaxation and creative

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Historical background of permanent marker strain

Permanent Marker is a type of weed introduced  by Seed Junky Genetics’ JBeezy and picked by Doja Pak. It came out in June 2022 under the brand Doja Exclusive. This strain is a mix of Biscotti, Sherb Bx, and a third-generation Jealousy cut. Leafly named it Strain of the Year in 2023 after it gained popularity because of its potent effects and unique flavor. Users that use Permanent Marker for medicinal and recreational purposes both adore its distinct smells and high THC content..

More about permanent marker

  • Permanent marker strain is functional in recreational, general and in medical fields.
  • It is preferred for relieving stress and promoting relaxation after an exhausting day.
  • Increased creative thinking and a more introspective attitude are reported by several users.
  • It’s delightful for recreational users who want to improve their dining experience because it’s known to stimulate appetite.
  • Its soothing effects might be able to lessen the signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue

 Often used to treat menstrual cramps or symptoms of PMS.

  • Helps control the symptoms of sadness or mood swings by bringing about a sense of serenity and elevation in mood.
  • Known to lower stress levels and offer solace to individuals experiencing PTSD.
  • It is well known for its strong effects and rich flavor profile, which make it appealing to people of all ages.
  • Because of its high THC level, it’s appropriate for anyone looking for potent medicinal effects or a more intense recreational experience.

Side effects of permanent marker

  • Anxiety may be increased in certain users, particularly in those who are sensitive to THC or who take larger quantities.
  • Headaches can occasionally result from cannabis use, particularly if you are dehydrated.
  • It is possible to feel lightheaded or dizzy, especially if you are sensitive to THC or new to cannabis.
  • Dry mouth, also known as cottonmouth, and dry eyes are common side effects of cannabis use.

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